How Music Helps the World

Music is not always a part of people’s lives. There are a variety of social settings and circumstances which do lead to the deprivation of real art and also lead to ignorance of artistic quality and history. The new modes of musical expression are simple and quite popular, but it all comes from roots which are not always understood.

This culture in America will do well to learn from music and art history as well as learning methods of artistic expression. When it comes down to music, there are projects going to improved musical education in schools and lower-class neighborhoods in NYC. For example you can find a program and donate piano nyc area charities will use to allow those without the instruments to learn and to play in public settings.

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Music education can help so many people, it is actually almost unbelievable. When people in hospitals, homes, and schools without music aside from a radio get involved with activists for music, the possibilities for health and vibrant minds open up. It has been proven that good music can stimulate brain health, mental stability, immune system function and it also induces peaceful behavior. Keep in mind, this refers to the classics, not so much the new, hardcore material of this day.

If you look around the NYC area, you may already see some of the brightly painted pianos that have been donated to the cause. These wonderful instruments are placed in the right locations to allow the lay people to play whenever they want, and also to play in front of crowds, which is the best way to build confidence. Confidence defeats violence and ignorance.

It is easy to see how the donation of pianos could change this country and potentially this world for the better. Music is a language that all can agree upon as refined communication.