Why Visit the O.K. Corral

If you’re visiting Tombstone, Arizona or the surrounding area, there is one stop you definitely don’t want to miss. The O.K. Corral is one of the best historical places to visit. Read below to find out what this unique place is, as well as why you should visit.

What It Is

The O.K. Corral is the site of an infamous gun fight which occurred between the Earp brothers (Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan) with their friend, Doc Holiday, against the notorious Clanton-McLaury gang. This occurred on October 26th, 1881 and was the true event behind the critically acclaimed movie, Tombstone.

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This event is often hailed as one of the largest events in American wild west history – an often-romanticized time of cowboys, Indians, saloons, and horses. It is one of the most widely recognized events in American history, despite being much more involved than most people have been led to believe. The events leading up to the gunfight are steeped in diversity and politics, and the fight was not solely about vigilante justice in a time devoid of any real law system.

No matter the reason for the epic gun fight, the results were the same. Billy Clanton and the McLaury brothers were dead. Doc Holiday, Virgil Earp, and Morgan Earp were all wounded. Nearly thirty shots were fired in thirty seconds.

Reasons to Visit

·    It is the sight of an important historical event which would set to change the course of America

·    The gunfight is reenacted at set times each day, which makes for a great show

·    Families will love how interested in history children become during their visit to the O.K. Corral

·    Live out your childhood dreams by walking through a historically accurate wild west town

·    Learn all the truths and details behind the infamous gun fight